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Meet Our Staff

Meet Our Staff: Team Members

Executive Director

Sarah Anderson

Our Executive Director, Sarah, carries out the purposes, policies, and programs of the Franklin-Williamson Child Advocacy Center by establishing and promoting a facility that has a home like atmosphere in which cases of child sexual abuse and other child abuse may be handled in the least traumatic environment. Our Executive Director directs activities of the employees of the FWCAC and carries the majority of the responsibilities for fund raising efforts, and public relations work in collaboration with the Board Committee members.

Child Advocates

Pamela Dale-Bible, BSW
Elaina Scerena, BS

Our Child Advocates, Pam and Elaina, provide case management and advocacy services for children who have been a victim of sexual and/or physical abuse or children who have witnessed a traumatic and violent crime.  They also provide support services to non-offending family members. The advocate is responsible for promoting a child focused, trauma informed, and supportive environment by providing crisis support, system information, and community resources.  The Child Advocate promotes the best interests of the child during all phases of the investigation, prosecution, and treatment services.

Forensic Interviewer / MDT Coordinator

Kyllah Glass, BS

Our Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) Coordinator, Kyllah, facilitates a coordinated approach with Law Enforcement, DCFS, the State’s Attorney’s office, medical professionals, mental health professionals, victim advocates, probation and other professionals who may be involved during child abuse/neglect investigations. Kyllah also conducts forensic interviews – a legally justifiable, fact-finding interview designed to provide children the opportunity to disclose abuse to a neutral party in a child-friendly setting.

Intake Coordinator

Misty Lattuada

Our Intake Coordinator, Misty, is an integral part of the coordinated approach in the investigation of child abuse and neglect.  Our Intake Coordinator is responsible for reviewing notifications of child abuse and neglect from DCFS and Law Enforcement, identifying cases that fit within the criteria of the CAC Protocol, timely and efficient processing of the notification to MDT partners, scheduling forensic interviews, and tracking all data associated with the client and family.

Board of Directors

Amy Tallman, Chair

Wendy Cunningham, Vice Chair

Steve Cook, Treasurer

Montana Schafer, Secretary

Deb Payne

Susan Rude

Brandon Zanotti

Steve Frattini

Alicia Barr

Mark Prince

Nina Koen

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