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When children come to the CAC for an interview, we provide snacks, drinks, and like to send them home with a backpack full of hygiene products, fidget toys, books, and school supplies. Donors who shop our Amazon Wishlist, allow us to keep giving. Donating from our Amazon Wishlist is quick, easy, and convenient. Yet, means the world to us. To shop our wish lists, click below!

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Advocating for Advocates: Ike Gives to Franklin-Williamson Child Advocacy Center

Ike Honda and Volkswagen of Marion are joining forces to give back to the Southern Illinois Community. We’re meeting with organizations in our area, providing a platform to spread their mission, and donating funds to selected charities. Some causes are difficult to discuss, including advocacy for abused children, but this service is imperative to our community. The Franklin-Williamson Child Advocacy Center addresses the physical, emotional, and legal dimensions of abuse for children in our area. We met with Executive Director, Sarah Anderson, to learn more about the Child Advocacy Center’s mission and services and how our community can help support the organization...

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